De beste fotografie opleiding of fotocursus. Photography education for beginners or advanced photographers.


Often we hear the question “Why still film, I have a digital camera and I’m not planning to work analogue”. But to really learn photography, you have to learn it from the ground up, and darkroom principles are at the core of photography. When you use photoshop, but also to understand the real meaning of contrast, even when you work in the Studio. And really.. you will love it.

Film making, Photoshop, lightroom, premiere pro in Amsterdam at the FOTOfactory Amsterdam


Selfies, Instagram, pictures with your phone, tablet, GoPro, compact camera or D-SLR.
But how do you post process them? Learning to do that with Photoshop or Lightroom will improve the quality of your images.
But also editing the footage that you created while you were filming with your camera or phone. Using Adobe Premier Pro to make a good looking video with audio, music and storyboard usage. Uploading it in correct technical specs to your own Youtube or Vimeo channel, complete with leader tittle and maybe Virtual Reality.

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First day you come to our Institute and bring a digital camera just for practice. We will educate you about the basics, exposure, analogue equipment etc. Day 2 you go out and shoot images on film and develop your own negatives. Day 3 is all about printing, dodging, burning etc. We have combined all the important info into a folder that we will give you on your first day. When you finish the module successful you will get a certificate. Coffee & tea are free.
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During five meetings, starting 12th December 2019, which occur every month, you will discuss your work and you get individual guidelines. We also will take a look at work made by other photographers. How do they approach their topic, how did they develop their concept, how does their artist statement look like?
Discussing your work into depth with the teachers and your fellow students, will make you aware of what the viewer sees in your photography. Intended or unintended.
By presenting your printed work lesson after lesson, your photography will become better and more consistent. You will learn to talk more easily about your work, based on facts instead of of just’I don’t know I just like it’.
The program is partly predetermined, but is also shaped by the interaction. Needed equipment is your D-SLR or MFT camera and a bike. During the classes you will also need to produce images at home as well as at school. The teacher is Karijn Kakebeeke, Desiree Vroemen or Daria Tuminas.
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Discover a great creative power in yourself!
Butterfly is a symbol of a change. All the important changes begin in ourselves. This is how we may strongly influence people around us, the society, the world. Do you want to start from small but powerful changes in your way of thinking? Do you wish to discover your creative power and become a productive artist? Or are you just curious of your undiscovered talents? Whatever you do, you are creative.

De beste fotografie opleiding of fotocursus. Photography education for beginners or advanced photographers.


An introduction-level course for makers and viewers exploring history and structure of exhibitions. The four lectures of the series focus on exhibition space as encompassing physical and ideological shell. In the first part we will cover the key points in history of exhibition making and see how narrative is structured through architecture of the gallery and museum space.  Part two will address ways of translating cinematic experience into spatial one and exhibition practices beyond gallery and museum spaces.

De beste fotografie opleiding of fotocursus. Photography education for beginners or advanced photographers.


Working in a studio and being in control over your lighting circumstances is fun. To see how a portrait changes when you change the softbox for a snoot. Being able to create Low-key or High-key pictures, with a sense of drama or crispiness. And all based on simple histogram reading. It is not about the technique it is about being creative and playful with lights. Homework will include MacGyver techniques. No dummy anymore after this workshop!

De beste fotografie opleiding of fotocursus. Photography education for beginners or advanced photographers.


We want to keep your first time in the Darkroom simple and it should be fun. So we invented a new way of analogue printing. You only need to bring a mobile device,

Preferably your phone, but a tablet will also do.

Start creating your own analogue experience!

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Are you working on a longer term documentary project? Do you occasionally feel the need for input, guidance and sparring partners to bring your project further along? Then this may just be the right course for you. Under the guidance of Karijn Kakebeeke you will develop yourself as a storytelling photographer.

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The Darkroom Lounge is extracurricular and the place to meet if you are into analogue photography. A limited group of students come together once per month to print there negatives and discuss their images. Skills are practiced and contacts are made often combined with a good glass of wine.

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Food photography
made by
Annemarie Dekker
for the Final Assessments
(First Year) as part of a photoshoot of 10.
ISO 200 – 1/80 sec – F. 2.8 – 100mm f/2.8
natural light use


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