Group size: max. 2 persons
Language: English
Dates: 2x Month
Duration: 3 Days
#1 Course: September: FULL
#2 Course: October: one place available still
Time: 10.00 – 17.00
Total hours: 21
Level: Beginner (Fase I)


One time payment 2022:
€ 1495,- per person

Installments 2022:
3x € 515,- per person

*automatic payment and excl. 0% VAT
Without automatic payment + 2%





Analogue Photography is like magic! The beauty of a self printed B&W image is amazing. Photography always has been a disruptor. The freedom to create a reproduction of the world on negative and being able to print it has been an magical experience. Carte-de Visite from Disderi, Balloon pictures from Nadar, Lartigues experiments, picturalism from Margaret Cameron.  All made with analogue cameras, analogue film but most of all with passion. In their veins there were chemicals, in their minds there were images and creativity a lot of creativity.

Do you want to experience what all these giants went through? Join our 3 Day analogue professional darkroom Course. And it makes sense, because developing your own films and printing your own negatives in a darkroom feels like magic.
Black and white analogue photography can create beautiful prints with lots of shades of grey, deep blacks and wonderful highlights.
Dodging and burning, masking, contrast control, all the techniques that we now know from Photoshop, were already used by these great masters of photography.

The FOTOfactory would like to introduce you to this wonderful experience. During this course you are going to learn all you need to know when you enter your darkroom. Enlarger, paper lights films and chemicals, everything revealed by an absolute analogue pro!! And we guarantee you, it will be love at first site! Enrol today and we will send you more information via e-mail. It is not necessary that you have any darkroom experience.


No analogue equipment needed. We provide you with the analogue camera, films, chemical, paper, enlargers, en an excellent teacher. So we educate you how to face all the challenges in the darkroom. How to create a perfect  analogue print. How to build an efficient and not to costly darkroom. We will use our enlargers to work with. To guarantee maximum quality time with the teacher the group will be not bigger then 2 people.

And really.. you will love it.

More about our Winter Course

De beste fotografie opleiding of fotocursus. Photography education for beginners or advanced photographers.


First day you come to our Institute and bring a digital camera just for practice. We will educate you about the basics, exposure, analogue equipment etc. Day 2 you go out and shoot images on film and develop your own negatives. Day 3 is all about printing, dodging, burning etc. We have combined all the important info into a folder that we will give you on your first day. When you finish the module successful you will get a certificate. Coffee & tea are free.
More info about Studiotechnique Cohort

Analogue Darkroom Experience workshop in Amsterdam at the FOTOfactory Amsterdam


You don’t have to bring an analogue camera to school. But if you want to work with your own or family camera that is possible. Here are the requirements: It should be an analogue Single Lens Reflex camera that needs a 35 mm film. So no medium 120 camera. Also the option to change aperture, iso & shutter speed is needed. If the camera needs batteries make sure you have new ones and even better also spare ones.

Also possible for participants who make use of a wheelchair.
How to reach us?

basiscursus beginners cursus beginner fotografie


Maybe after this workshop you even want to know more? Want to learn how your camera works? How to improve your images and even how it is to work both digital and analogue? Always wanted to work in a studio but never knew how? Join us in our upcoming 5Day intensive Basic Course.

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De beste fotografie opleiding of fotocursus. Photography education for beginners or advanced photographers.


The Basic Summercourse is for anyone who is interested in photography. A great way to learn how to work with your camera and at the same time enjoying beautiful Amsterdam during the Summer. In a small group, you will learn about visual language, digital technique, studio and even film.

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The Darkroom Lounge is the place to meet if you are into analogue photography. A limited group of students come together once per month to print there negatives and discuss their images. Skills are practiced and contacts are made often combined with a good glass of wine. On hold now due to circumstances.
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ABOUT the FOTOfactory

We run courses and workshops for beginners and experienced photographers alike. From one evening or three day workshops, till intensive courses lasting several weeks/years cover areas from studio lighting for beginners to digital capture with camera movements for professionals. Our courses are presented in a relaxed atmosphere where student involvement is encouraged, feedback is important, and the instructors are always available to answer questions. Regardless of one’s ambitions, a single good course can make photography that much more fun.

OVER the FOTOfactory

Altijd al willen werken in een analoge donkere kamer om je eigen foto’s te printen? En hoe denk je over het werken met een analoge camera en op film je foto’s maken? Je eigen negatieven op nivo ontwikkelen? We merken dat er steeds meer liefhebbers van analoge fotografie en het toepassen van diverse technieken zijn. Zowel tijdens de opname maar ook tijdens het afdrukken van de foto’s. Daarnaast is het gebruik van analoge materialen zo kostbaar dat het printen onder begeleiding van een trainer kostenbesparend is. Verspilling van dure materialen wordt namelijk op deze manier verkomen. Ook kan onze trainer je veel ‘kneepjes van het vak’ leren.



A still life
made by
Mariëlle Penrhyn Lowe
for the module Studio techniques I
(First Year) as part of a serie stills.

ISO 100 – 1/40 sec – F. 8.0 – 85mm f/2.8

natural light use combined with flash

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