Erik Beets, Photostudio techniques for the photographer


Group size: max. 2 persons
Language: English
Upcoming Course: August 2023 FULL
Next Course: 18 September 2023
Duration: 5 days
Time: 10.00-17.00
Total hours: 35
Level: Advanced (Fase II)
Dates: 18,19,20,21 & 22 September


One time payment 2023:
€ 1095,- total
€ 975,-* tuition fee &
€ 120,-* stud. service & amenities fee

or Instalments 2023:
€ 1195,- total
3x € 358,35* tuition fee &
€ 120,-* stud. service & amenities fee

*automatic payment and excl. 0% VAT
Without automatic payment + 2%


Training: BPC
Application: yes
Level: Advanced photography
Condition: DSLR or MFT camera
(see technical conditions)

Included: materials and equipment, tea and coffee
Not included: lunch, batteries.


STARTING: September 2023




During these classes you will experience how it is to work in a photo studio and build on your studio technique.
It is a totally different experience then shooting outside with available light, contrast and settings. Not being able to control hundred percent those circumstances outside, is exactly the opposite of working in a studio environment.
Here everything is possible, but you have to know how.
You create your set, place your lights and shoot. It looks so easy in the movies, but when you are working for the first time in a studio yourself, you will see how surprisingly hard it is.
Because working as studio photographer means that you will have to make all the decisions yourself. What kind of light would you like to use, soft or just the opposite. Do you prefer to work with the umbrella or the snoot instead. Where to put the lights and how will it affect the visual language of the image. And how do you compose a set?
Every class starts with an evaluation of the earlier class assignments. Step by step you will learn to understand more about different lights, composition and the decisions and workflow that will make it easier to work in a studio.
During the first three classes we will start with products and when you will already much more comfortable in the studio we will ‘bring in the models’.
Thats is an entirely new and different experience again and another step up as studio photographer.
Your teacher will be Desiree Vroemen.

Desiree Vroemen is teacher @the FOTOfactory


Desiree Vroemen worked for several years as a professional photographer and teacher and serves since 2004 as Director of the FOTOfactory. Since 1991, she is responsible for photo lessons for all kinds of organisations and at all kinds of levels. She already taught a lot of students the principles of studio techniques. She regularly does portfolio reviews or/and gives lectures during events. Innovation, quality and personal contact with the students are always key elements in her work.

De beste fotografie opleiding of fotocursus. Photography education for beginners or advanced photographers.


We have Nikon SLR cameras (digital and film) with all kinds of lenses, but we prefer that you bring your own camera. Our digital suite consists of Apple I-macs, that you can use for post production, during the classes or on another weekday.   Available software includes: Photoshop, In Design CS, Adobe Lightroom, Illustrator. Our studio consists of Monoblocs (1600 W & 400W), lots of  light & boomstands, light meters, softboxes, umbrellas, reflectors, barndoors, snoots, backgrounds etc.



First day you come to our Institute and bring a digital camera just for practice. We will educate you about the basics, exposure, analogue equipment etc. Day 2 you go out and shoot images on film and develop your own negatives. Day 3 is all about printing, dodging, burning etc. We have combined all the important info into a folder that we will give you on your first day. When you finish the module successful you will get a certificate. Coffee & tea are free.
More info

De beste fotografie opleiding of fotocursus. Photography education for beginners or advanced photographers.


To join this module it is necessary that you have a D-SLR camera, preferably with different lenses. At least a 50 mm is required. Because we work with external flash units, you will need to establish a connection between the camera and flash unit. Either way by transmitter/receiver or by cord. That would mean you need a sync contact on your camera or use a hot shoe. Ofcourse a tripod would be handy. To complete post-production at home you will also need to have access to Photoshop. If not, you could visit school during weekdays, to work on our computers.

Photostudio techniques for the photographer


To get more acquainted with the studio equipment, how to build a set and to get used to the differences of working with your camera inside a studio, we will work the first three lessons only with products. you and your fellow student will work together as a team. One half of the day you are the photographer who has an assistent, and the other half of the day you will be the assistent. Working together and discussing the different decisions you will have to make will help you to grow as a photographer. The program will cover all kind of different materials, reflective and non reflective ones, pieces of cloth and glass. Even skulls will show up on the table tops.

De beste fotografie opleiding of fotocursus. Photography education for beginners or advanced photographers.


Working with a model is another step up for your studio technique. Now you not only have to be concerned about the lighting and the camera technique, but also about instructing your model. A small change in position of the model, will alter your set, light effects and so your final picture. How do you handle this? Are there trics and tips to work with a model? We will start with your fellow students being the model, so you can get more comfortable with making portraits. After the first lesson you will bring your own model to class, but also you will have to make portraits of somebody you don’t know at all. Even a surprise model will pass by.


In deze module leer je onder de bezielende leiding van Desiree Vroemen hoe het is om in een studio te werken. Een totaal andere ervaring dan “buiten” waar een aantal keuzes zoals bestaand licht en contrast vaak minder beïnvloed kunnen worden dan in de studio. Alles is mogelijk, maar je moet wel weten hoe. Daarnaast dwingt het werken in een studio je om keuzes te maken over het soort licht dat je wilt gebruiken, hard of zacht. Invullen of juist niet invullen. Hoe je dit licht neerzet en waardoor het je uiteindelijke beeldtaal kan veranderen wordt vaak besproken. Elke lesdag begint met een evaluatie van de vorige, zodat alle gedane opdrachten classicaal besproken worden. Door de stapsgewijze opbouw, leer je meer en meer het licht “te zien” en beter uitgebalanceerde beelden te maken. Van productshots tot aan portretten. Zelfs een mystery portret sessie maakt deel uit van deze enerverende module.

Julia Marco, Photostudio techniques for the photographer

© Julia Marco


Photostudio techniques for the photographer


A product shot

made by
Marina Engelhardt & Carlotta Guerra
for the module Photographic Development II
(Second Year) as part of a serie of advertisements.

ISO 100 – 1/160 sec – F. 10.0 – 95 mm f/4

several flash lights used

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