Group size: max. 4 persons or individual
Language: English
Date: June, July & August 2023
Location: @school or online
Language: English or Dutch
Duration: 3 days
Planned group days:
#1 Course: 10th, 11th & 12th of June
#2 Course: 15th, 16th & 17th ofJuly 2023
#3 Course: 11th, 12th & 13th of August 2023
or ask other dates
Time: 10.00-17.00
Total hours: 21
Level: Beginner (Fase I)


One time payment 2023:
€ 750,- total
€ 630,-* tuition fee &
€ 120,-* stud. service & amenities fee

or Instalments 2023:
€ 795,- total
2x € 337,50* tuition fee &
€ 120,-* stud. service & amenities fee

*automatic payment and excl. 0% VAT
Without automatic payment + 2%


Training: no need
Application: no need
Condition: own (SLR) camera or borrow one of ours, laptop, Adobe trial membership
(see technical conditions)

Included: materials and equipment, discount for Adobe Student membership, tea and coffee
Not included: Adobe membership, laptop, lunch, batteries.






During the months June, July & August we offer several options. Group or individual.

The group dates are mentioned in the tab on the left side. Individual TBD. Individual days can also be planned together with us. Cost are the same. Mail us or give us a call for more info.


This is the complete course for starting photographers for learning basic photography techniques. Designed to give you the necessary information and help needed to become confident with your digital or film camera. All aspects of basic photography are covered including technical and compositional knowhow and skills. This course is for beginners or photographers who are moving from film to digital. It aims to demystify your digital camera and the basics Adobe Photoshop by concentrating on practical, real world problems, enabling you to shoot more and worry less. During the course picture taking sessions are included.

The first day you will concentrate on the camera, aiming to give you the confidence that you are getting the most from it. Topics are : Exposure, Iso, depth of field, movement, composition. Day two you will learn the fundamentals of composition and visual storytelling. You will will be taught how to develop a personal project, how to make best use of instagram and how to create a stopmotion. During day three, you will work with Photoshop and learn to basics of producing and correct/manipulate images, working with layers, making selections, adjusting colorbalance, retouching etc. Pop-art, panning technique, abstract photography, sequences, you will learn it all.

During day four you will start working and shooting a street photography project, it can be photography or film related. All day we will be improving the results, by analyzing and discussing and of course reshooting. The last day you finish your portfolio in post production and present it to the other students and teacher(s).

When you finish the Course successfully you will receive a certificate that will give you access to the professional F3Y Course.


Day 1 Camera Knowledge, Composition & history of photography

Day 2 Digital techniques, Photoshop techniques, Instagram, Stopmotion

Homework: Shoot project

Day 3 Shoot, discuss, re-shoot, Post production and presentation

The Basic Photography Course/ Summer Photography Course takes 3 days and is an ideal course to learn more about your camera, composition, Amsterdam and how to improve your own portfolio.


Selfies, Instagram, pictures with your phone, tablet, GoPro, compact camera or D-SLR. But how do you post process them? Learning to do that with Photoshop will improve the quality of your images.
But also understanding how your digital camera works, being able to read a histogram, so you’ll never under or overexpose anymore.

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De beste fotografie opleiding of fotocursus. Photography education for beginners or advanced photographers.

Often we hear the question “Why still film, I have a digital camera and I’m not planning to work analogue”. But to really learn photography, you have to learn it from the ground up, and darkroom principles are at the core of photography. When you use photoshop, but also to understand the real meaning of contrast, even when you work in the Studio. And really.. you will love it.

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Due to Corona we had to downsize our groups to individual training sessions or max 2 students. During the months September, October & November we offer several options.Mail us or give us a call for more info.

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basiscursus beginners cursus beginner fotografie


To benefit the most of this Course it would be great if you have your own digital SLR camera. If you have a compact, it should at least have the option to select the Manual mode. Otherwise you can work with one of our cameras. Of course during the analogue part we have lots of cameras to work with. If you want to work on your own laptop, you should have Photoshop software.

De beste fotografie opleiding of fotocursus. Photography education for beginners or advanced photographers.


You will learn how your camera works. Aperture, shutter speed and ISO, and how they relate to each other. But the most important moment is when you use this knowledge, to improve the quality of your images.

Vanishing point, DOF, perspective, the decisive moment and movement. And let’s not forget.. walk instead of zoom.

Studio technique at the FOTOfactory

Working in a studio and being in control over your lighting circumstances is fun. To see how a portrait changes when you change the softbox for a snoot. Being able to create Low-key or High-key pictures, with a sense of drama or crispiness. And all based on histogram reading. Maybe your start as fashion photographer?

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Ook deze zomer hebben we weer een zomercursus film & fotografie gepland. In deze 3 daagse intensieve basiscursus leer je niet alleen hoe je camera werkt, maar ook hoe je het maximale eruit kan halen. Tijdens de training werk je aan je eigen project, leer je de noodzakelijke technische en visuele kennis, ga je op pad met de docent en leer je in een verhaal te vertellen. We doen post-productie via de Adobe Creative Suite. Alle beelden gemaakt gedurende de opleiding worden vakkundig in Photoshop of Premiere Pro verwerkt en evt bewerkt.


De beste fotografie opleiding of fotocursus. Photography education for beginners or advanced photographers.


Traffic in Rotterdam

made by
Emersom Miranda
for the module Photographic Development I
(First Year) as part of a serie about traffic.

ISO 100 – 1,0 sec – F. 4.0 – 70.0-200.0mm f/2.8 as 105,0mm

natural light use


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