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Group size: max. 4 persons
Language: English or Dutch
Dates: your preferred starting date
Location: @school or online
Planned group days:
#1: 21th of Feb 24: available
#2: 20th of March 24: available
or plan your individual dates
Time: 13.00-16.00
Total hours: 3


One time payment 2024: € 125,- per person per day

*automatic payment and excl. 0% VAT
Without automatic payment + 2%





AI photography, generated from scratchy pixels or or altering ‘old skull’ photographs is hot.
The software developments go so fast that is effecting every part of our life. This cohort is all about digital post-processing! We offer a wide range of training options. From working in the digital darkroom with Adobe’s Photoshop(Firefly) or Lightroom, hybrid or full digital. Making gifs, cinemagraphs, stopmotions etc.

Making good images is one thing, post-production is another thing. Learning to use Lightroom and Photoshop will improve the quality of your images. Masking, retouching, multiple selection techniques and working non-destructive will help you. But also learning how to archive your precious images is an important part of being a photographer. But we take our software education further. Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro are essential for editing .MP4 or .MOV files.

Working with your own footage to create professional videos. Preparing storyboards, making short stories, talking about camera shots and technical knowhow.  Working with digital material

This cohort can be joined online or at our school. So if you live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, New York, Dubai or any other place and want to develop yourself, we would like to help you grow!!



We want to keep your first time in the Darkroom simple and it should be fun. So we invented a new way of analogue printing. You only need to bring a mobile device, preferably your phone, but a tablet will also do. You will print your own images but by an hybrid proces that we a few years ago successfully developed.
Start creating your own analogue experience!

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Exposing a picture correctly is the same as filling a glass with water. Doubling the amount by opening your aperture or extending your shutter speed will give you twice as much exposure. Use the aperture and shutter speed settings on your camera to make a technically good exposed photograph. During our basic course photography you will learn how to work with these settings and finally to shoot only in the manual mode.

Darkroom experience @ the FOTOfactory


First day you come to our Institute and bring a digital camera just for practice. We will educate you about the basics, exposure, analogue equipment etc. Day 2 you go out and shoot images on film and develop your own negatives. Day 3 is all about printing, dodging, burning etc. We have combined all the important info into a folder that we will give you on your first day. When you finish the module successful you will get a certificate.
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Maybe after this Lounge you even want to know more? Want to learn how your camera works? How to improve your images and even how it is to work both digital and analogue? Always wanted to work in a studio but never knew how? Join us in our upcoming 3Day intensive Basic Course.

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Because of the high demand for our Summercourse we planned an extra Pride SummerCourse. For max 4 students our 3DAYS Course starts at  10.00 till 17.00. The dates are 31th July, 1th and 2th of August 2024. Costs are 750 euro all-in. If that doesn’t work for you then maybe our Individual Courses are interesting for you. We plan the dates together and there are no extra costs. Mail us or give us a call for more info.

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Would you like to have an application interview?
This application interview will take about 30 minutes.
During this free of costs, interview you show your portfolio (20 photos; digital or prints).
Also we will ask you some technical questions.
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ABOUT the FOTOfactory

Our Photography and Film courses are already more than 25 Years respected by our students. We helped a lot of people all over the world to start a successful professional career as photographer. International Institute of Photography the FOTOfactory is the most prestigious private educational Institute in the Netherlands, with English or Dutch spoken photography and film courses and workshops. Our students come from all over the world to study photography at different levels. Our courses are presented in a relaxed atmosphere where student involvement is encouraged, feedback is important, and the instructors are always available to answer questions. We teach digital photography, as well as analogue photography. Post-production on a computer or in the darkroom, both is optional. We provide courses or training sessions in small groups or on an individual basis. So develop yourself at the FOTOfactory!
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OVER the FOTOfactory (dutch)

Of het nu een basiscursus fotografie, studiofotografie training, analoge workshop of een darkroom experience is, bij the FOTOfactory ben je op de juiste plaats. We geven zowel Nederlandse als Engelse trainingen, in groepsverband of 1:1. Meestal zijn onze lessen van 10.00 tot 17.00 uur, volle intensieve dagen waardoor je ook snel progressie maakt. Kun je alleen in de avonduren dan zijn daar ook mogelijkheden voor. Onze docenten zijn gepokt en gemazeld in hun vak en verzorgen al jaren trainingen. Dit draagt bij tot het hoge opleidingsnivo. Ook de productieve en menselijke benadering van het werken met visuele media geeft creëert een prettige werkomgeving. Feedback gebeurd op een respectvolle manier en de trainers staan altijd vol enthousiasme klaar voor onze studenten. Je medestudenten komen uit alle landen van de wereld en dat maakt het studeren bij ons nog leuker en beter. Elke cultuur kijkt en evalueert beeld namelijk anders. Omdat er bij ons op school vaak naar je foto’s gekeken wordt en ook veel over gediscussieerd wordt, leer je dus ‘wereld’ fotograaf te denken en werken. Dit geeft je een nog beter fundament in je latere fotografie carriere.

Lees hier meer over onze Nederlandse opleidingen


De beste fotografie opleiding of fotocursus. Photography education for beginners or advanced photographers.


A portrait

made by
Neide Bastos
for the module Photographic Development I
(First Year) as part of a serie portraits.

ISO 1250 – 1/40 sec – F. 4.5 – 40mm f/2.8

natural light use