#1 Photography & Film education. #1 Fotografie en film onderwijs Amsterdam course cursus workshop training


Group size: max. 4 persons
Language: English
Date: April 2024
Duration: 5 days
Time: 10.00-17.00
Total hours: 105
Level: Advanced (Fase II)


One time payment 2024:
€ 1050,- total
€1025,-* tuition fee &
€ 25,-* stud. service & amenities fee

or Instalments 2024:
€ 1140,- total
3x € 380,-* tuition fee &
€ 25,-* stud. service & amenities fee

*automatic payment and excl. 0% VAT
Without automatic payment + 2%


Dates: 2021 but exact dates not planned yet
Application: yes
Condition: own (SLR) camera
(see technical conditions)

Included: materials and equipment, discount for Adobe Student membership, tea and coffee
Not included: Adobe membership, laptop, lunch, batteries.


STARTING: APRIL 2024 (apply now!)




This Documentary Photography module will start again in June 2022.

Are you working on a longer term documentary project? Do you occasionally feel the need for input, guidance and sparring partners to bring your project further along? Then this may just be the right course for you. Under the guidance of Karijn Kakebeeke you will develop yourself as a storytelling photographer. Learning how  to edit your work is a big part of this Module Documentary. You start to evaluate what interests you in depth. This means that your photographic work continues to develop, but also that you go see what road you want to walk in practice and what possibilities there are. It is especially investigative busy, constantly ask yourself these questions and also discuss them with the teacher and your fellow students.
During five meetings, which occur every month, you will discuss your work and you get individual guidelines. We also will take a look at work made by other photographers. How do they approach their topic, how did they develop their concept, how does their artist statement look like?
Discussing your work into depth with the teachers and your fellow students, will make you aware of what the viewer sees in your photography. Intended or unintended.
By presenting your printed work lesson after lesson, your photography will become better and more consistent. You will learn to talk more easily about your work, based on facts instead of of just’I don’t know I just like it’.
The program is partly predetermined, but is also shaped by the interaction. Needed equipment is your D-SLR camera and a bike. During the classes you will also need to produce images at home as well as at school. The teachers are Karijn Kakebeeke, Desiree Vroemen or Daria Tuminas.
#1 Photography & Film education. #1 Fotografie en film onderwijs Amsterdam course cursus workshop training


Peter-Frank Heuseveldt (1974), after attending school for TV journalism, worked for children’s programs, the music industry for a pop act, and doing research for artists. He was introduced to fashion photography by his former roommate. Since then he has worked for photo agencies as a producer/booker and a talent spotter. His current work allows him to pursue his passion of supporting photographers by helping them develop their identity/signature, which is key to telling their visual stories. Currently he is largely focusing on expo’s and gallery shows, while working with such visual talents as Viviane Sassen and Lernert & Sander.

#1 Photography & Film education. #1 Fotografie en film onderwijs Amsterdam course cursus workshop training


During the first class you will present earlier projects, and discuss with Karijn Kakebeeke what next project will be. In morning she will lecture all the students about photographers, different approaches, projects, etc. During the afternoons you will present your home made projects, make an assignment in Amsterdam and off course edit, edit and edit, to make your visual story stronger and researching what is still missing. Needed is always your new work, D-SLR camera and a bike.

Desiree Vroemen is teacher @the FOTOfactory


Desiree Vroemen worked for several years as a professional freelance photographer. She worked as a photo journalist for several magazines and newspapers. From several long ongoing projects to daily news images published immediately. She also does regularly portfolio reviews or is a curator for several exhibitions. In her work she always tries to approach the visual message from a multi-dimensional way. Innovation, quality and personal contact with the students are always key elements in her work.


Creating an impressive and consistent portfolio is a lot of work. You have to make decisions about content, combinations and presentation. ‘Kill your darlings’ is of course a term often used. Improving the quality of your photography is done by producing a lot of work, good and stimulating feedback and good editing. Building a good portfolio is taking your work one step further. It’s more then showing good pictures. How to unify all your images into one portfolio? Karijn Kakebeeke will help you, by giving inspiring feedback, based on years of professional  experience.

De beste fotografie opleiding of fotocursus. Photography education for beginners or advanced photographers.


Writing your Project proposal will help you to define yourself as a documentary photographer. What are your motives, what is your concept, how do you approach your photography? All very important questions you should be able to answer. Also will writing about your project help you to become more and more the photographer you want to be. Start your journey by analysing statements from other photographers and the guidance of our excellent teacher Karijn Kakebeeke, Desiree Vroemen or Daria Tuminas.

#1 Photography & Film education. #1 Fotografie en film onderwijs Amsterdam course cursus workshop training


Learn to talk about your work. Although photography is a visual medium, and the story should be told by the images shown, it is important that you can explain to others what your work is all about.  How to express yourself? Improving your photography by getting feedback from teachers and your fellow students. Listen to their input and experience how different viewers with different cultural backgrounds see your images. Intended or unintended.


In deze module leer je onder de bezielende leiding van Peter-Frank Heuseveldt of  Desiree Vroemen om verbaal beter te communiceren over je eigen fotografie en over fotografie in het algemeen. Het schrijven van jouw individuele fotografie project, helpt je tot nieuwe inzichten te komen. Door naar andere fotografen te kijken, leer je hoe hun werkwijze, concept en visie is en hoe dit tot uitdrukking komt in hun artist statement. Maar ook leer je in deze module documentair fotografie je eigen werk beter te analyseren en verder uit te breiden. Je leert seriematig werken en je fotografie te combineren in een portfolio. De keuzes die je daarbij moet maken zullen af en toe vallen onder de term ‘Kill your darlings’. Maar het presenteren van je werk en aan derden uitleggen waar je foto’s over gaan, wordt door het volgen van de module documentair fotografie een stuk makkelijker.
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#1 Photography & Film education. #1 Fotografie en film onderwijs Amsterdam course cursus workshop training


De beste fotografie opleiding of fotocursus. Photography education for beginners or advanced photographers. Summercourse Photography & Film in Amsterdam from the FOTOfactory


A portrait

made by
Naomi van Elsland
for the module Photographic Development II
(Second Year) as part of a serie portraits.

ISO 400 – 1/100 sec – F. 5.0 – 50mm f/1.4

natural light use