Film making, Photoshop, lightroom, premiere pro in Amsterdam at the FOTOfactory Amsterdam


Group size: max. 4 persons
Language: English or Dutch
Date: start 06th of February, weekly
Duration: 5 days
Location: @school or online
Time: 09.30-16.00
Total hours: 150
Level: Basic & Advanced (Fase I)


One time payment 2023:
€ 1050,- total
€ 930,-* tuition fee &
€ 120,-* stud. service & amenities fee

or Instalments 2023:
€ 1170,- total
3x € 350,-* tuition fee &
€ 120,-* stud. service & amenities fee

*automatic payment and excl. 0% VAT
Without automatic payment + 2%


Training: -
Application: yes
Level: Basic & Advanced
Condition: best D-SLR or MFT
(see technical conditions)

Included: materials and equipment, tea and coffee
Not included: lunch, batteries, software.






Make your own short film!!  During these classes you will go through the whole process of how to you’re your video. We will work with a storyboard, talk about all the possible shots, how to improve the storytelling, how to control the camera angles and avoid making so often made mistakes. We will talk about the history of filmmaking come up with the development and take it into the future. So from back to the future towards the power of the dog.

We will take time to look at great directors and how they use several techniques to improve the storytelling. You will learn by doing, practicing and producing footage. Not one day is the same but a lot of different assignments make you feel more confident every week. Storyboards, establishing shot, anachromatic lenses all the details will be discussed. Color correction, L-shape edit,  .MOV or .MP4 you will learn so much. And you will enjoy the final products. Jane Campion, Martin Scorsese, Quentin Jerome Tarantino, Alfred Hitchcock etc all these famous and brilliant directors will be discussed and we will learn from their work and techniques. Your teacher will be Desiree Vroemen.

Desiree Vroemen is teacher @the FOTOfactory


Desiree Vroemen worked for several years as a professional freelance photographer. She worked as a photo journalist for several magazines and newspapers. From several long ongoing projects to daily news images published immediately. She also does regularly portfolio reviews or is a curator for several exhibitions. In her work she always tries to approach the visual message from a multi-dimensional way. Innovation, quality and personal contact with the students are always key elements in her work.

software education at the FOTOfactory #1 Photography & Film education. #1 Fotografie en film onderwijs Amsterdam course cursus workshop training


Selfies, Instagram, pictures with your phone, tablet, GoPro, compact camera or D-SLR.
But how do you post process them? Learning to do that with Photoshop will improve the quality of your images.
But also understanding how your digital camera works, being able to read a histogram, so you’ll never under or overexpose anymore.

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Portfolio buid up individual coaching @the FOTOfactory


Sometimes it can be incredible hard to see how you could develop yourself more. Sometimes you are stuck. Then it helps to talk to a professional, get guidance, feedback or input. This cohort is a tw times meeting with your mentor to discuss your progress and help you to find new ways. Two times three or three times two hours. Homework will be included in this Course. Possible joining online or @school.

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De beste fotografie opleiding of fotocursus. Photography education for beginners or advanced photographers.


To benefit the most from this module it would be a good thing if you have a D-SLR/MFT camera, preferably with different lenses. At least a 50 mm is required. But you can also start with just your Phone and grasp the whole concept of the Course, learn the theory and skills needed to make a good piece of footage and buy a camera afterwards. Of course a tripod or gimbel would be handy. To complete post-production at home you will also need to have access to editing software. We have a deal with Adobe so our students get a big discount when they become an adobe member. Membership will give you access to Photoshop, Lightroom, Indesign, Premier Pro etc.


Photostudio techniques for the photographer


To get more acquainted with the studio equipment, how to build a set and to get used to the differences of working with your camera inside a studio, we will work the first three lessons only with products. you and your fellow student will work together as a team. One half of the day you are the photographer who has an assistent, and the other half of the day you will be the assistent. Working together and discussing the different decisions you will have to make will help you to grow as a photographer. The program will cover all kind of different materials, reflective and non reflective ones, pieces of cloth and glass. Even skulls will show up on the table tops.

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De beste fotografie opleiding of fotocursus. Photography education for beginners or advanced photographers.


Working with a model is another step up for your studio technique. Now you not only have to be concerned about the lighting and the camera technique, but also about instructing your model. A small change in position of the model, will alter your set, light effects and so your final picture. How do you handle this? Are there trics and tips to work with a model? We will start with your fellow students being the model, so you can get more comfortable with making portraits. After the first lesson you will bring your own model to class, but also you will have to make portraits of somebody you don’t know at all. Even a surprise model will pass by.

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Maak je eigen film! In deze module leer je onder de bezielende leiding van Desiree Vroemen hoe het is om je eigen video te ontwerpen, maken, bewerken en te presenteren. We gaan het hele creatieve process onder de loep nemen en gaan geen enkele uitdaging uit de weg. Er zullen veel voorbeelden getoond worden en er is aandacht voor de historische ontwikkeling. Gebruik van audio en muziek, keuze van camera en geluidsapparatuur tot aan de software die je gebruikt voor editing. Hoe de vele GigaBytes te organiseren en op te slaan. En uiteindelijk op welke wijze je eindproduct publiceren online, private of public. Storyboards, establishing shot, anachromatische lens allemaal begrippen die na deze training geen onbekenden meer zijn. In deze module leer jij als deelnemer veel, met name door te doen en te maken. Hands-on en and a lot of FUN!!

Julia Marco, Photostudio techniques for the photographer

© Julia Marco


Photostudio techniques for the photographer


A product shot

made by
Marina Engelhardt & Carlotta Guerra
for the module Photographic Development II
(Second Year) as part of a serie of advertisements.

ISO 100 – 1/160 sec – F. 10.0 – 95 mm f/4

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