Requirements for the application:
Portfolio: 20 photos; digital or print
Resume or CV
The FOTOfactory application form


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Application Interview: € 0,-

Basic Photography Course: € 875,-
Summer course (16-20 July 2016): € 875,-
F3Y-first year: € 3900,-
F3Y-second year: € 3900,-
F3Y-third year: € 2950,-


NOW OPEN FOR 2021-2022




Always wanted to study photography in Amsterdam?
This is your change. Our application procedure is open.

If you would like to start in our F3Y professional Course it is necessary to apply.If you do so, we will invite you for our application interview.
This application interview will take about 30-45 minutes. During this interview you show your portfolio (20 photos; digital or prints). Also we will ask you some questions about your camera knowledge, analogue, studio and digital techniques.

When you apply we will send you a form with those questions and we will plan the interview. Fill in this form and bring it with you or send it to us. If you have difficulty filling in the form or parts of it, don’t worry.
We provide one or two day courses that will fill up the knowledge gap(s).
During the interview we can discuss the possibilities; it depends on your level of photography and your wishes.

The interview can take place at the Bethanienstraat or we can have a Skype meeting. If you prefer a Skype meeting, please send us a contact request and your Skype name. Our Skypeaddress is: thefotofactory. (link to invite)
Also send a link to your website or sent your portfolio to us by
To join our Basic Photography Course it is not necessary to apply.
Application @ the FOTOfactory


– Portfolio: 20 photos; digital or print

– Resume or CV

– The FOTOfactory application form

– An Application interview


The Admissions Committee will review only application packages that are completed in their entirety.

De beste fotografie opleiding of fotocursus. Photography education for beginners or advanced photographers.


Editing your images is a big part of being a photographer, so we consider this also part of the application procedure.

That’s why we will not help you with that, but we can advise you to show us your favorites. They will show us who you are. Or maybe you already have some projects going on that would be interesting to see. Good luck with your selection!

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Good photography doesn’t need a specific camera, but it sure helps to have a good camera. That’s why we advice to buy a full frame D-SLR from one of the two leading brands. What kind of lenses you will buy in the future is related to your type of photography. But starting just with a 50 mm fixed lens would already make a good camera lens combination.

De beste fotografie opleiding of fotocursus. Photography education for beginners or advanced photographers.


When you want to join our F3Y Course or single modules it is important that you already have basic photography knowledge. Every potential student has to go through our application procedure. If it would show that you have some knowledge gaps, don’t worry. The easiest way to solve that is by joining our Basic Photography Course. 5Days or just parts of it.

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Amsterdam’s appeal lies in its rich cultural heritage, diverse and creative culture, commercial dynamism and high quality of life. Ultimately, the city’s strongest asset is its people: the people who live here, the people who work here, the people who study here, and the people who visit here. Amsterdam residents enjoy a good quality of life.
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ABOUT the FOTOfactory

International Institute of Photography the FOTOfactory is the most prestigious private educational Institute in the Netherlands, with English spoken photography courses and workshops. Our students are coming from all over the world to study photography at different levels. Our courses are presented in a relaxed atmosphere where student involvement is encouraged, feedback is important, and the instructors are always available to answer questions.



Hello…. Can you introduce yourself? My name is Carlotta Guerra. I am an Italian living in Amsterdam. Having studied art and curatorial studies and working at a major Art museum in Italy for a number of years, my passions lead me to make art rather than organize it and exhibit it. Photography was a life long interest and became the focus for my art.
How long are you studying at Ff? I have studied at the FF for the last two years.
What do you like at the FF? Strong points? Bad points? The technical information stressed at the FF is important to me because it will allow me to properly address any situation I will encounter. I believe the FF has given me the tools to find solutions for future difficulties with my photography. The comraderie and the relations between the students and faculty at the Ff was a benefit to me as well. Many casual conversations between my fellow students lead me to insiteful answers to the problems I encountered.
What kind of photographer would you like to become? I like to make photographs dealing with issues of art and society.
Did it change you to study photography? My study of photography has lead me to research I do not believe I would have done otherwise. In the process of looking for photographs and thinking and thinking about the nuances of associations and metaphors of the images, I believe I have become more sensitive to the subtleties around me.
How do you see your future? I see my future as a person on a quest. My future life with photography, I believe, will take me to places I have never dreamed of going and will enable me to both capture those experiences in a manner that will allow me to both share and profit from them.
Anything you want to add? I wish the FF had a monthly newsletter reporting photo competitions and current happenings in the world of photography.




An advertisement

made by
Juraj Rapos
for the module Photographic Development II
(Second Year) as part of a serie advertisements.

ISO 100 – 1/125 sec – F. 10.0 – 24.0-105.0mm f/4.0 as 70,0mm

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